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Project Build Minnesota

We are a group of industry professionals, associations, and organizations focused on providing tools and information to the next generation of aspiring builders.

Project Build Minnesota is a statewide construction workforce enhancement campaign that promotes a positive image of construction as a lifelong career choice for young men and women of all backgrounds.


The Movement

Project Build Minnesota is a movement, a vision, and a vehicle to motivate our youth to learn more about the many benefits of pursuing a career in the building industry.

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Project Build Minnesota was started in 2016 by a coalition of building industry professionals with a goal of using social media strategies to effectively spread the word about construction careers in Minnesota.

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Career Choices

Project Build Minnesota represents all of the Minnesota construction and building industry. The movement is designed to foster career choice awareness across all lines of the residential and commercial building industry.

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Skills Training Programs

For those ready to enter the workforce or those looking to update their skill sets,training programs are efficient and economical. Thebroad range of programs helps you find options that fit your interests and schedule.

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College & Degree Programs

College and degree programs are ideal choices for those looking to further their education before entering the workforce.These programs, which can be specialized or general,give students the foundation and skills to enter the construction industry at a more advanced level. 

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95 percent of construction workers want to stay in construction.

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Today, work is focused on the ground-level fundraising efforts needed to launch the Project Build Minnesota movement to targeted audiences including youth, educators, career counselors, school administrators, parents, media, and government officials. We pledge to work in harmony with all other construction workforce enhancement efforts underway in Minnesota.

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